Let’s take a little trip to ..Mexico #WednesdaysMustHaves

This weeks #WednesdayMustHaves is a furniture piece that caught my eye at IDS this past weekend. This bright, string, unique looking chair definitely has a way of standing out amongst a crowd. Little did I know is that the design of this chair goes way back to the 1950s where they were first created in Acapulco, Mexico.


Acapulco was a tourist hot spot in the 50s and 60s. All the major celebs and rat pack would vacation there frequently. Word on the street is that the chair was created by a French tourist who claimed to be too hot sitting in the standard chair. Fast forward to 2011 when Paul Yacht (founder and principal of Innit Designs) decided to manufacturer the retro chair after getting so many inquiries and praise in regards to the chairs he used as cinema seating. Paul then brought the company to Toronto and Los Angeles.

These Acapulco chairs are hand made in the USA and Canada. They are tested to endure high temperatures of heat as well as cold. Making this the perfect contemporary chair for any climate. The Acapulco chair can be used either indoor or outdoors, just depends on where you need them most!

11 color ways

There are plenty of options to pick from that will match your decor as there are 11 different color ways available as well as 4 different finishes – black, white, copper and chrome. For me personally my faves (because I can’t chose one) is the Tiffany blue with the black base as well as the Orange with chrome finish. And to top this design off they come in rockers! How cool is that?

orange chrome tiffany blue

I had the pleasure of taking a seat in a few and let me tell you how comfortable they were – especially the rocker. I didn’t even want to get up. At first I was kind of sceptical as the seating is made from a string like material. But don’t let the ‘no cushion’ fool you. This is definitely a must have piece for any Urbanista’s home decor!

white chair 8805052055_2fa730edfd

Go to http://www.innitdesigns.com to check out what other unique designs they have.

– A.

Interior Design Show – Toronto, Canada

This past Sunday I attended IDS ’14 held in Toronto, Canada. For those of you who don’t know what IDS is, it is the Interior Design Show held every year in Toronto. This was IDS’ 16th year holding this exhibit. … Continue reading

New Week, New #QOTD

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It’s Official! It’s Official!

Yup, it’s official.

We are now ohmydecor.COM! Having the domain makes everything feel more official – it’s like the stamp of approval. To add even more excitement, we now have a logo as well.

oh my decor master photoshop

What do you think about it?

I am so happy to have so many of you supporting ohmydecor.com with your views, likes, comments, etc. I am going to continue to put out as much daily content as I can so please make sure you check regularly. (Subscribe to Oh My Decor, pleaseeee). Also, if there is anything you would like to see incorporated please, please let me know.

**Coming Soon** .. I took a little poll on Instagram asking if you would like me to start making DIY youtube videos for some home decor pieces. So starting soon I will be posting DIY videos.

That’s all for now.  Follow @ohmydecor on instagram & twitter.

– A

What is Chevron?

Definition – A chevron is an introverted V-shape pattern.

Many of you will have seen this pattern but probably have no clue what it is called.


This has been used in architecture, on badges for military and police uniforms and on highway signs. More recently, there is this new trend of using chevron print in fashion, art and home decor.

967 army_mug_enlisted

Many centuries ago, chevron was used in art (mainly on pottery and rock cravings). It is also used in many different countries coat of arms.


In 1953 Missoni brought chevron to fashion and has been an influence ever since. Especially after Missoni paired up with Target in 2011 to release the low-cost Missoni for Target line. This is when chevron became popular to the mass audience.


Like I’m always saying fashion and home decor go hand in hand so of course the trend will also be seen in homes. When used in a room, chevron creates a really strong impact. Since this pattern is so dramatic I would suggest using it with a simple palette so that your room doesn’t feel too busy. White, black, grey and neutrals are best. It can also be paired with horizontal and vertical stripes.



You can use it on walls to create a visual interest, on tiles/hardwood, carpet, textiles, furniture. Pretty much anything you desire. It can also be used in multiple home styles from contemporary to modern and even vintage.

67554063131492004_xhT98tQe chevron+striped+bathroom+christina+murphy+interiorsIf redesigning your kitchen consider using a chevron pattern for your backsplash. It will add a little spice into your life.


Enjoy! But don’t go overboard with the chevron-fever.

– A


Oh My Decor Does Nuit Blanche..

This past weekend was the annual Nuit Blanche art festival. And for the first time I was in attendance. I think the anticipation for what I expected was higher than the actual turnout. Or maybe I couldn’t really find where all good installations were?

I started off on Bay Street headed to Nathan Phillip Square. There I saw the driverless cars, the bike installation, and a few other random things like the “hammock” made from cranes that no one really understood. The cars were the most interesting. Like majority of the people, I wanted to see them crash. They came close but the guys on the remote control did a good job controlling it.

I continued to walk up university where I stumbled upon other random things like the clown show. I must say it was pretty awkward and heard a lot of people saying it looked like “clown porn” and I agree. The bright neon balloons on the other hand were awesome. I also passed by the installation that had attendees help take it apart and in turn got a paper crown.

Nothing else really stood out from what I seen. It wasn’t that amazing, awesome experience I thought it would be. But it wasn’t completely horrible either. The best part of it for me was the people watching. So many different unique types of people from all walks of life in one area that really showcased Toronto’s diverse melting pot. And all for the love of art.

Anyways pics below!

Enjoy. xo


IMG_3430 IMG_3429 IMG_3423 IMG_3434 IMG_3433 IMG_3432 IMG_3436 IMG_3437