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Creating a Vintage-Style Inspired Room

Is a vintage inspired room something you are trying to achieve? Well I have one word for you…… THRIFTING!


There is a new trend of thrifting or buying from consignment stores. These stores sell second hand pieces from fashion to furniture and much more. This is a great way to get antique, classic pieces for cheap. The trick to thrift shopping is having an eye, seeing the potential. At first glance you may not be able to see the potential in the piece but after some tender love and care you could have something that’s one of a kind. There are many DIY projects that could be done for way less then purchasing something at a retail price. If you do prefer buying new pieces stores like IKEA have began to sell vintage-like furniture.


When picking colors for your vintage-style room use soft colors like pastels and neutrals. You can mix in some bold colors to make it pop but be careful not to pick bright ones as you will stray away from the vintage feel. White, light grey or oak furniture will keep with the theme.


French-style furniture really has a vintage feeling. As well, button-back upholstery furniture like below.


Just because something is a little distressed doesn’t mean it’s no good. This could really make your room.

For window fixtures try lace curtains. For other textiles (bed linens, upholstery, etc) use soft patterns and textured fabrics.

On your walls there are plenty of bold or floral wallpapers that will make you feel like your in the modern 1940s. If wallpaper isn’t your thing paint can still do the job (just remember nothing too bright.. try a neutral).

And finally there are so many antiques to be found in thrift stores or garage sales that will add to your decor. Anything from rotary telephones to an antique chest, milk jugs, records, lanterns and so much more that will have your room feeling super vintage but still chic.

vintage-furniture-old-suitcases-room-decorating-2 record side table


– A


*Add mirrors, jewelled chandeliers and fur pillows/throws to glam up your vintage-styled room*

retro-vintage glam hollywood style bedroom decorating