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How To Style Your Small Space. pt 2

In the previous post I broke down some of my rules on how to style your small space so that it feels larger than what it actually is. We spoke about color and texture and how it affects the size of your space. Today we break down how space planning, furniture size and creating multifunctional spaces will help you feel like the Queen/King you are in your small, comfy space.

Let’s begin with the biggest issue, huge bulky furniture. If you are styling you small space you need to consider purchasing smaller pieces. Using bulky, large furniture will take away from your space making it feel stuffy. That rectangular dinning table that you absolutely love because you got a fabulous deal on.. That’s not going to work in your tiny space. No one wants to be tripping over a table and chairs while trying to throw down in the kitchen. But we know you need some where to eat. How about replacing the rectangular table with a circle one? It frees up more space for you.


When it comes to seating, instead of having a large couch set consider a comfy two seater. If a two seater just isn’t enough add a small chair to the setting. If that isn’t sufficient use an ottoman. Ottomans are one of my favorite pieces. They can be used in multiple rooms and for multiple purposes. They are cute, comfy and all around great.

Contemporary+Leather+Faced+Two+Seater+Sofa+with+Chrome+Details+in+Black couch-living-room

Like I mentioned above Ottomans are great and I suggest everyone should have at least one in their house. It is a multifunctional pieces which is essential to help keep your tiny area clean and tidy. An ottoman can be used as seating and storage – it’s a two-in-one. Multifunctional furniture will help solve your small space problems in more than one way. Pieces like a bed with storage underneath, stack-able side tables, vanity turned desk, pull out couch, things of those nature are what you should be looking for. And the more pieces that can help you stores stuff, the easier it’ll be to create that visually larger space. Mess and clutter will make your space appear smaller so be as organized as possible!


Another furniture tip in regards to space planning is to purchase pieces that are more vertical. Going up with furniture instead of across will help free up floor space. If you need a book case replace that with shelves so that you still have the floor beneath for whatever you may need that space for. It could be a desk, a side table or even one of those cute and multifunctional ottomans.

open-bookshelf-11-7-12 minimal-furniture-in-the-room1 over-door-bookshelf

When choosing furniture please be mindful of your surroundings. Yes, that couch may be super cute but realistically it’s not working for what you have. We all want to have a stylish home but at the end of the day if you’re not comfortable you won’t be happy. So strategically plan when styling you small sp  ace! Good luck!

Do you have any small space styling tips? Let me know!

– A xo

****BONUS: glass/acrylic furniture helps visually enlarge your space. Also add mirrors wherever you can! It brightens and enlarges the space.

3-big contemporary-living-room small-studio-apartment-design-great