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The Meaning Behind Your Favorite Colors

What kind of mood are you trying to achieve..

Did you know that our emotions and behaviors can be affected by the color of our spaces? Studies have shown that when we enter a space or see a color on a logo, etc we react a certain way.

You may have realized that certain colors are associated with specific industries. For example fast food tend to use red or orange. Or doctors office use blue or white. These colors weren’t picked because it was their favorite color but because it triggers the consumers/patients to feel a specific way. In this blog post I will break down the color association with some of your favorite colors!

Let’s begin with the world’s favorite color, blue.

Blue symbolizes trust, faith, confidence, wisdom and intelligence. There is a calming effect that blue produces. The body releases tranquilizing hormones and lowers heart rate and blood pressure when blue is used. Companies that are trying to promote products and services that are related to cleanliness use this color (ex. doctors office want the patients to feel calm and appear clean). Also companies that are in the services related to air, sky, water and sea will use this color as it reminds people of those natural resources.

This color is not suggested to use in regards to food or cooking. Blue suppresses appetite. So try not to use it in the kitchen!

The best room to use blue is in a bedroom.


Red, the second most common favorite color. This is the attention grabber color. People who favor red like to be noticed. This color is associated with energy, danger, strength, power and determination. But it is also associated with passion, desire, and love.

Red raises blood pressure, increases respiration rate and enhances your appetite. A lot of energy drinks and sports clubs use red as it is associated with energy.

If using in a space try to play with the different shades and tones of red. Light red can be used in a bedroom. This will give off a more sexual, passionate, loving feeling (great for a couples room). Pink is very feminine and signifies romance and love which is great for younger girls bedroom. Dark red is more masculine and can be used for a bachelors bedroom.

Black-and-Pink-Bedroom red-romantic-master-bedroom-ideas

Yellow is the world’s least favorite color although it is the happiest, most cheerful, joyful color. This color will give you the most life, make you feel youthful. Yellow is a warmer color that activates motor nerves and increases the production of bile.

This color great for children’s rooms and play area if using tints of yellow. But not for baby’s as studies have showed that babies cry more in yellow rooms (we don’t want that).

The best space for yellow to be used is in a kitchen!

IA_int_yellow_kitchen_02_600x440But I do love some yellow in the living room..

9_yellow-living-room-furniture grey-and-yellow-living-room1

Green, the color of envy and money is also the color of peace and harmony. And you can’t forget it represent the color of nature! Green is considered the most restful color to our eyes.

Green can be used in countless spaces. The most rewarding space is one that you would like to be calm in. Many spas use green so that their clients can relax and let there worries fade away. Use in studies, offices or bathrooms.

green_library_simon_watson1 Modern-Small-IKEA-Home-Office-Design-Ideas

The color of royalty, purple. Purple is such an eclectic color. It is the hardest to discriminate.

Light purple is a very romantic, elegant color. It’s great to use for a females bedroom. Purple can also be used in children’s room (but not too bright).


Black is the color of death and evil but is also the color of power and elegance. A lot of rooms that feel sophisticated use black within that space. It brings a really good contrast when paired with white even yellow and green!

This color can literally be used in any room. The preferred rooms to use black in would be bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

black-furniture-minimalist-design black-rooms-01

White is the color of purity, cleanliness and innocence. It is the color of perfection. However in China, it is the color of death – who would think.

The best two spaces to use white in are kitchens and bathrooms. These two places want to give off the feeling of being clean. Other than that white can be used in all spaces and can be used along side any other color.

glossy-white-kitchen-2008 elegant-white-bathroom

That should cover all the main colors and give you inspiration for decorating your spaces. Remember to use the 60-30-10 rule when applying color. OR you could play with the shades, tints and tones of a color for a monochromatic scheme. Enjoy!

– A xo

What are you favorite colors? Let me know in the comments section below! And remember to follow us on twitter and instagram @ohmydecor for daily inspiration!