The Meaning Behind Your Favorite Colors

What kind of mood are you trying to achieve..

Did you know that our emotions and behaviors can be affected by the color of our spaces? Studies have shown that when we enter a space or see a color on a logo, etc we react a certain way.

You may have realized that certain colors are associated with specific industries. For example fast food tend to use red or orange. Or doctors office use blue or white. These colors weren’t picked because it was their favorite color but because it triggers the consumers/patients to feel a specific way. In this blog post I will break down the color association with some of your favorite colors!

Let’s begin with the world’s favorite color, blue.

Blue symbolizes trust, faith, confidence, wisdom and intelligence. There is a calming effect that blue produces. The body releases tranquilizing hormones and lowers heart rate and blood pressure when blue is used. Companies that are trying to promote products and services that are related to cleanliness use this color (ex. doctors office want the patients to feel calm and appear clean). Also companies that are in the services related to air, sky, water and sea will use this color as it reminds people of those natural resources.

This color is not suggested to use in regards to food or cooking. Blue suppresses appetite. So try not to use it in the kitchen!

The best room to use blue is in a bedroom.


Red, the second most common favorite color. This is the attention grabber color. People who favor red like to be noticed. This color is associated with energy, danger, strength, power and determination. But it is also associated with passion, desire, and love.

Red raises blood pressure, increases respiration rate and enhances your appetite. A lot of energy drinks and sports clubs use red as it is associated with energy.

If using in a space try to play with the different shades and tones of red. Light red can be used in a bedroom. This will give off a more sexual, passionate, loving feeling (great for a couples room). Pink is very feminine and signifies romance and love which is great for younger girls bedroom. Dark red is more masculine and can be used for a bachelors bedroom.

Black-and-Pink-Bedroom red-romantic-master-bedroom-ideas

Yellow is the world’s least favorite color although it is the happiest, most cheerful, joyful color. This color will give you the most life, make you feel youthful. Yellow is a warmer color that activates motor nerves and increases the production of bile.

This color great for children’s rooms and play area if using tints of yellow. But not for baby’s as studies have showed that babies cry more in yellow rooms (we don’t want that).

The best space for yellow to be used is in a kitchen!

IA_int_yellow_kitchen_02_600x440But I do love some yellow in the living room..

9_yellow-living-room-furniture grey-and-yellow-living-room1

Green, the color of envy and money is also the color of peace and harmony. And you can’t forget it represent the color of nature! Green is considered the most restful color to our eyes.

Green can be used in countless spaces. The most rewarding space is one that you would like to be calm in. Many spas use green so that their clients can relax and let there worries fade away. Use in studies, offices or bathrooms.

green_library_simon_watson1 Modern-Small-IKEA-Home-Office-Design-Ideas

The color of royalty, purple. Purple is such an eclectic color. It is the hardest to discriminate.

Light purple is a very romantic, elegant color. It’s great to use for a females bedroom. Purple can also be used in children’s room (but not too bright).


Black is the color of death and evil but is also the color of power and elegance. A lot of rooms that feel sophisticated use black within that space. It brings a really good contrast when paired with white even yellow and green!

This color can literally be used in any room. The preferred rooms to use black in would be bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

black-furniture-minimalist-design black-rooms-01

White is the color of purity, cleanliness and innocence. It is the color of perfection. However in China, it is the color of death – who would think.

The best two spaces to use white in are kitchens and bathrooms. These two places want to give off the feeling of being clean. Other than that white can be used in all spaces and can be used along side any other color.

glossy-white-kitchen-2008 elegant-white-bathroom

That should cover all the main colors and give you inspiration for decorating your spaces. Remember to use the 60-30-10 rule when applying color. OR you could play with the shades, tints and tones of a color for a monochromatic scheme. Enjoy!

– A xo

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What is Chevron?

Definition – A chevron is an introverted V-shape pattern.

Many of you will have seen this pattern but probably have no clue what it is called.


This has been used in architecture, on badges for military and police uniforms and on highway signs. More recently, there is this new trend of using chevron print in fashion, art and home decor.

967 army_mug_enlisted

Many centuries ago, chevron was used in art (mainly on pottery and rock cravings). It is also used in many different countries coat of arms.


In 1953 Missoni brought chevron to fashion and has been an influence ever since. Especially after Missoni paired up with Target in 2011 to release the low-cost Missoni for Target line. This is when chevron became popular to the mass audience.


Like I’m always saying fashion and home decor go hand in hand so of course the trend will also be seen in homes. When used in a room, chevron creates a really strong impact. Since this pattern is so dramatic I would suggest using it with a simple palette so that your room doesn’t feel too busy. White, black, grey and neutrals are best. It can also be paired with horizontal and vertical stripes.



You can use it on walls to create a visual interest, on tiles/hardwood, carpet, textiles, furniture. Pretty much anything you desire. It can also be used in multiple home styles from contemporary to modern and even vintage.

67554063131492004_xhT98tQe chevron+striped+bathroom+christina+murphy+interiorsIf redesigning your kitchen consider using a chevron pattern for your backsplash. It will add a little spice into your life.


Enjoy! But don’t go overboard with the chevron-fever.

– A


Checking Out Some Ancient Decor — St. Louis Art Museum

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Saint Louis Art Museum. There I checked out the Decorative Arts and Textile exhibit.

I’ve been to a few museums but have never seen a Decorative Arts exhibit. I thought that it was just perfect. So many beautiful pieces that ranged from 1990s all the way to the 1700s. Its crazy how ‘history repeats it self’. Much like fashion, a lot of the same decorative designs are now back in style.

I’ve taken the time to post some of the pieces I loved from the exhibit! Hope you enjoy such great historic pieces as much as I did.

– A


1New York, New York Sofa c: 1815-20  —- mahogany, yellow poplar, brass, and reproduction moired wool moreen upholstery.


Designed by Frank O. Gehry ; Made by The Knoll Group Cross Check Armchair 1991 


French Dressing Stool c: 1930


Coffee Table, 1946 —-cherry wood and glass


Knotted Chair, 1995 (left) You Can’t Lay Down Your Memories Chest of Drawers, designed 1991, made 2005


Marletto, c: 1950-52 (top left) “Pothole” Vase, Platter, and Bowl, 1951 (bottom left) Atomic Wall Clock, 1949 (top right) Vase, 1936-37 (bottom right)


Claret Jug, c: 1886 — glass



Cabinet, c: 1865 — satinwood, ash, amboyna, purpleheart, harewood, velvet, brass, and gliding


Armchair, c: 1740 —- glided walnut, beech, brass, and silk damask


Wardrobe, 1760-70 —- walnut, oak, and brass


A.Y.O.R (At Your Own Risk) Chair, 1990 — stainless steel and lead


Dressing Table and Chair, 1932 — enameled steel ; Mirror, 1932 —- glass, aluminum, and enameled steel


Bentwood Spiral, c. 1885 — ash

Need A Quick Fix? Use Color..

As we enter the new fall season what better way to welcome it then with some changes to your favorite spaces. And the easiest/quickest way to do it.. with color! You can do a major change like a paint job or the simple changes of accents. But always remember the 60-30-10 rule.

What is the 60-30-10 rule?

The 60-30-10 rule is based off of three colors. You have a primary (dominate), secondary and accent color. The dominate color will take up 60% of the room. The secondary uses 30% and the accent is no more than 10%.


Use inspiration from anything to pick your three colors. Nature and fashion are excellent sources of inspiration but textiles, art work and even other room decors can help as well. If you see a textile or art piece that you like, use that as the focal point and work off of that. If you don’t think you are good with matching colors you can always stick to the basics.


What are the basics of color?

Complimentary Colors – Start with a color you favor then use the complimentary. The complimentary is the color directly across on the color wheel. (ie. Blue and Orange, Purple and Yellow, Red and Green)

bo room

Analogous Colors – Analogous color scheme is three colors that are side by side on the color wheel. If you favor blue you can use a color scheme of blue, purple and green or blue, purple, red. There are plenty of color combinations that will get you a lovely palette for your room.

ana room

Monochromatic Colors – An easy and trendy way to decorate with color is by using a monochromatic color scheme. To achieve this you pick your favorite color and use tints, tones and shades of that color. You can mix black and white to achieve contrast.


It is suggested to leave trendy colors alone as they are forever changing which in turn means your opinion will as well.

Feeling daring? Use multiple colors or you can stick to the three color, 60-30-10 rule and have fun that way!

Good luck and enjoy your fresh new space.

– A xo 

The Art of Artwork.

Artwork can make or break a space.

I think the number one rule for using art to decorate is picking a piece that you love. Everyday, whether in your room, kitchen, living room or bathroom, you will have to look at that picture. Personally, I don’t want to see something that I don’t care for all the time. I rather smile when I see it, feel a sense of joy and take a minute to soak it in.

painting 2

Do not think that you need to cover every empty spot of your wall with some kind of art. Some walls need to be left bare so you can enjoy the wall color – I mean you did paint it for a reason! Just make sure when you go to hang the photo to center it to whatever is below or around the piece.


When hanging artwork, make sure it is at eye level of the average** persons height. I would say around 5’7. You wouldn’t want to have to break your neck looking up at a piece.

And finally, be creative and have some fun. Most art pieces are fun, creative and inspiring so you should feel the same when picking something out and hanging them around your newly decorated room. There are so many different things you can do with these pieces. You can cluster them, stagger them or make a large collage as focal point. There are also many different types of frames that will compliment the art and make it really pop. And don’t be afraid to mix and match, it’ll bring a little character to your wall.


mix and match

Just remember, artwork can make or break your decor. So take some time when deciding on what will work with your room, it could be crucial!

– A

**I am far from being average height. So if you are taller like myself, remember to hang it lower. And if you’re on the short side, raise it up a bit.

Welcome To Oh My Decor!


I would like to welcome you to my new blog, Oh My Decor. As some of you may know I have officially started my new chapter of interior decorating. And what better way to start a new chapter then with a new blog that has everything decor related!

I will be using this as an outlet to showcase my work, sketches, tips and everything else that will be involved with my new career path. By doing this, I believe that it will allow all of you to find inspiration for your own homes and projects as well. I am hoping to update regularly. If you have any suggestions yourself, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks a bunch!!

– Alicia xo