How To Style Your Small Space. pt 1

You have this small space and you don’t know what to do with it cause it is just so small. Or you live in a studio where everything from your dinning room to your bedroom, and office are all in one confined area. No one wants to feel like they’re living in a box. So I’m going to provide you with some of MY styling tips so you can feel like the Queen/King you are in your fashion inspired home.

They say white walls makes a space feel larger. It may be true but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid color like the plague to enlarge your room. If you like color, then add color! Brighter, stronger more vibrant colors will help enhance the space. Try not to use dull colors as they will bring down the mood. If bright colors aren’t your thing, use a neutral color palette.


If you decide to use a more neutral color palette or stick with the white walls, splash color around the room in other ways. Use color on furniture, accessories, throws and pillows. It will help make the room feel alive. When picking out the soft furnishings be mindful of patterns and textures as they play a part in this as well. Too much texture in a room will make the space feel smaller. Some people believe that using patterns in a small space will make it feel more enclosed. Pattern is such a big trend right now and I think experimenting with it is a good way to have a trendy space. Try using a smaller scale pattern over a larger pattern as it will help make the room appear larger.

pattern too cluttered

(This small pattern wallpaper makes the space feel even more narrow)Cozy-Orange-624-Square-Foot-Loft-1(Neutral palette with a splash of color)

Larger scale patterns are good to create a focal point or used as an accent. They can draw the eye to a specific piece you would like to feature. The picture below is a good example of how the large pattern on the pillow draws your eye to the chair. Focal points in small spaces like studio apartments can be a really good way to distract the eye from wondering considering everything is in one area.


One good DIY tip is to create depth in your space. Say you have a bookcase, consider painting the inside a different color. This gives the perception of depth. Another way to add depth to your walls is by painting color squares on it. It will jazz up your walls and make your room look bigger.

bookcaser image004(2)

These are a few tips you can start with. Next post will be on spacing/layout, furniture and how to divide the area.

Do you have any small space decorating tips? If so, let me know in the comments!

– A

What is Chevron?

Definition – A chevron is an introverted V-shape pattern.

Many of you will have seen this pattern but probably have no clue what it is called.


This has been used in architecture, on badges for military and police uniforms and on highway signs. More recently, there is this new trend of using chevron print in fashion, art and home decor.

967 army_mug_enlisted

Many centuries ago, chevron was used in art (mainly on pottery and rock cravings). It is also used in many different countries coat of arms.


In 1953 Missoni brought chevron to fashion and has been an influence ever since. Especially after Missoni paired up with Target in 2011 to release the low-cost Missoni for Target line. This is when chevron became popular to the mass audience.


Like I’m always saying fashion and home decor go hand in hand so of course the trend will also be seen in homes. When used in a room, chevron creates a really strong impact. Since this pattern is so dramatic I would suggest using it with a simple palette so that your room doesn’t feel too busy. White, black, grey and neutrals are best. It can also be paired with horizontal and vertical stripes.



You can use it on walls to create a visual interest, on tiles/hardwood, carpet, textiles, furniture. Pretty much anything you desire. It can also be used in multiple home styles from contemporary to modern and even vintage.

67554063131492004_xhT98tQe chevron+striped+bathroom+christina+murphy+interiorsIf redesigning your kitchen consider using a chevron pattern for your backsplash. It will add a little spice into your life.


Enjoy! But don’t go overboard with the chevron-fever.

– A