Calling All Mama’s! Tips On Decorating Your Nursery

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The Breakdown On Scandinavian Design

Creating the perfect Scandinavian inspired home is actually pretty easy. The key is simplicity which is also the main reason why I love it so much. With clean lines, a neutral color scheme and minimal accessories you too can have … Continue reading

Before & After – Bathroom

I recently did an update on a home bathroom. Everything from paint and fixtures to decor. Here are the before and after pics!
Before (after paint – originally green):











**bathroom cabinets will be painted to match color scheme.

Most of the decor was purchased from Home Sense with a few pieces bought from Ikea, Walmart and Marshell’s.

– A

W&B x Scandinavian Interior #InspirationTuesdays

B&W Scan Inspiration Tuesday

I found this outfit on and absolutely fell in love. There’s something about wearing all white. Its daring on many different accounts. Maybe because the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule.. who knows. In this outfit she paired cropped skinnies, a white blazer and a nike tee. I’m also loving this purse – it has a paper bag kind of feel. The fur brings this outfit to a whole next level. LOVE!

The photo to the right is a Scandinavian inspired interior. The primary color is white (we all know I am obsessed with a white interior) paired with black accessories and the fur throw makes this interior the perfect match for our white and black #ootd.

What is your favorite element of this room? Do you have a favorite piece that she is wearing? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed the first edition of #InspirationTuesdays.

– A 


‘Twas The Day Before Christmas..

With less than 24 hours until Christmas what better way to get into Christmas Spirit than with some beautiful Christmas interiors. Whether your decor style is traditional, vintage, modern or contemporary there are plenty of Christmas decor options that won’t compromise the aesthetics of your interior.

As a present from #ohmydecor to you, I have compiled a bunch of the most beautiful, festive interiors to help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas Eve!

– A.

















How To Style Your Small Space. pt 2

In the previous post I broke down some of my rules on how to style your small space so that it feels larger than what it actually is. We spoke about color and texture and how it affects the size of your space. Today we break down how space planning, furniture size and creating multifunctional spaces will help you feel like the Queen/King you are in your small, comfy space.

Let’s begin with the biggest issue, huge bulky furniture. If you are styling you small space you need to consider purchasing smaller pieces. Using bulky, large furniture will take away from your space making it feel stuffy. That rectangular dinning table that you absolutely love because you got a fabulous deal on.. That’s not going to work in your tiny space. No one wants to be tripping over a table and chairs while trying to throw down in the kitchen. But we know you need some where to eat. How about replacing the rectangular table with a circle one? It frees up more space for you.


When it comes to seating, instead of having a large couch set consider a comfy two seater. If a two seater just isn’t enough add a small chair to the setting. If that isn’t sufficient use an ottoman. Ottomans are one of my favorite pieces. They can be used in multiple rooms and for multiple purposes. They are cute, comfy and all around great.

Contemporary+Leather+Faced+Two+Seater+Sofa+with+Chrome+Details+in+Black couch-living-room

Like I mentioned above Ottomans are great and I suggest everyone should have at least one in their house. It is a multifunctional pieces which is essential to help keep your tiny area clean and tidy. An ottoman can be used as seating and storage – it’s a two-in-one. Multifunctional furniture will help solve your small space problems in more than one way. Pieces like a bed with storage underneath, stack-able side tables, vanity turned desk, pull out couch, things of those nature are what you should be looking for. And the more pieces that can help you stores stuff, the easier it’ll be to create that visually larger space. Mess and clutter will make your space appear smaller so be as organized as possible!


Another furniture tip in regards to space planning is to purchase pieces that are more vertical. Going up with furniture instead of across will help free up floor space. If you need a book case replace that with shelves so that you still have the floor beneath for whatever you may need that space for. It could be a desk, a side table or even one of those cute and multifunctional ottomans.

open-bookshelf-11-7-12 minimal-furniture-in-the-room1 over-door-bookshelf

When choosing furniture please be mindful of your surroundings. Yes, that couch may be super cute but realistically it’s not working for what you have. We all want to have a stylish home but at the end of the day if you’re not comfortable you won’t be happy. So strategically plan when styling you small sp  ace! Good luck!

Do you have any small space styling tips? Let me know!

– A xo

****BONUS: glass/acrylic furniture helps visually enlarge your space. Also add mirrors wherever you can! It brightens and enlarges the space.

3-big contemporary-living-room small-studio-apartment-design-great

How To Style Your Small Space. pt 1

You have this small space and you don’t know what to do with it cause it is just so small. Or you live in a studio where everything from your dinning room to your bedroom, and office are all in one confined area. No one wants to feel like they’re living in a box. So I’m going to provide you with some of MY styling tips so you can feel like the Queen/King you are in your fashion inspired home.

They say white walls makes a space feel larger. It may be true but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid color like the plague to enlarge your room. If you like color, then add color! Brighter, stronger more vibrant colors will help enhance the space. Try not to use dull colors as they will bring down the mood. If bright colors aren’t your thing, use a neutral color palette.


If you decide to use a more neutral color palette or stick with the white walls, splash color around the room in other ways. Use color on furniture, accessories, throws and pillows. It will help make the room feel alive. When picking out the soft furnishings be mindful of patterns and textures as they play a part in this as well. Too much texture in a room will make the space feel smaller. Some people believe that using patterns in a small space will make it feel more enclosed. Pattern is such a big trend right now and I think experimenting with it is a good way to have a trendy space. Try using a smaller scale pattern over a larger pattern as it will help make the room appear larger.

pattern too cluttered

(This small pattern wallpaper makes the space feel even more narrow)Cozy-Orange-624-Square-Foot-Loft-1(Neutral palette with a splash of color)

Larger scale patterns are good to create a focal point or used as an accent. They can draw the eye to a specific piece you would like to feature. The picture below is a good example of how the large pattern on the pillow draws your eye to the chair. Focal points in small spaces like studio apartments can be a really good way to distract the eye from wondering considering everything is in one area.


One good DIY tip is to create depth in your space. Say you have a bookcase, consider painting the inside a different color. This gives the perception of depth. Another way to add depth to your walls is by painting color squares on it. It will jazz up your walls and make your room look bigger.

bookcaser image004(2)

These are a few tips you can start with. Next post will be on spacing/layout, furniture and how to divide the area.

Do you have any small space decorating tips? If so, let me know in the comments!

– A

Creating a Vintage-Style Inspired Room

Is a vintage inspired room something you are trying to achieve? Well I have one word for you…… THRIFTING!


There is a new trend of thrifting or buying from consignment stores. These stores sell second hand pieces from fashion to furniture and much more. This is a great way to get antique, classic pieces for cheap. The trick to thrift shopping is having an eye, seeing the potential. At first glance you may not be able to see the potential in the piece but after some tender love and care you could have something that’s one of a kind. There are many DIY projects that could be done for way less then purchasing something at a retail price. If you do prefer buying new pieces stores like IKEA have began to sell vintage-like furniture.


When picking colors for your vintage-style room use soft colors like pastels and neutrals. You can mix in some bold colors to make it pop but be careful not to pick bright ones as you will stray away from the vintage feel. White, light grey or oak furniture will keep with the theme.


French-style furniture really has a vintage feeling. As well, button-back upholstery furniture like below.


Just because something is a little distressed doesn’t mean it’s no good. This could really make your room.

For window fixtures try lace curtains. For other textiles (bed linens, upholstery, etc) use soft patterns and textured fabrics.

On your walls there are plenty of bold or floral wallpapers that will make you feel like your in the modern 1940s. If wallpaper isn’t your thing paint can still do the job (just remember nothing too bright.. try a neutral).

And finally there are so many antiques to be found in thrift stores or garage sales that will add to your decor. Anything from rotary telephones to an antique chest, milk jugs, records, lanterns and so much more that will have your room feeling super vintage but still chic.

vintage-furniture-old-suitcases-room-decorating-2 record side table


– A


*Add mirrors, jewelled chandeliers and fur pillows/throws to glam up your vintage-styled room*

retro-vintage glam hollywood style bedroom decorating

Need A Quick Fix? Use Color..

As we enter the new fall season what better way to welcome it then with some changes to your favorite spaces. And the easiest/quickest way to do it.. with color! You can do a major change like a paint job or the simple changes of accents. But always remember the 60-30-10 rule.

What is the 60-30-10 rule?

The 60-30-10 rule is based off of three colors. You have a primary (dominate), secondary and accent color. The dominate color will take up 60% of the room. The secondary uses 30% and the accent is no more than 10%.


Use inspiration from anything to pick your three colors. Nature and fashion are excellent sources of inspiration but textiles, art work and even other room decors can help as well. If you see a textile or art piece that you like, use that as the focal point and work off of that. If you don’t think you are good with matching colors you can always stick to the basics.


What are the basics of color?

Complimentary Colors – Start with a color you favor then use the complimentary. The complimentary is the color directly across on the color wheel. (ie. Blue and Orange, Purple and Yellow, Red and Green)

bo room

Analogous Colors – Analogous color scheme is three colors that are side by side on the color wheel. If you favor blue you can use a color scheme of blue, purple and green or blue, purple, red. There are plenty of color combinations that will get you a lovely palette for your room.

ana room

Monochromatic Colors – An easy and trendy way to decorate with color is by using a monochromatic color scheme. To achieve this you pick your favorite color and use tints, tones and shades of that color. You can mix black and white to achieve contrast.


It is suggested to leave trendy colors alone as they are forever changing which in turn means your opinion will as well.

Feeling daring? Use multiple colors or you can stick to the three color, 60-30-10 rule and have fun that way!

Good luck and enjoy your fresh new space.

– A xo 

Asian Invasion.

There are many, many different interior styles. From Art Deco to Traditional to Rustic, they all come from inspiration around the world and different time frames. Oh My Decor is here to help you figure out and define your style. To kick it off we are going to take an in depth look on Asian inspired interiors and how you too can achieve this.


The Asian inspired decor takes a lot of it’s inspiration from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and India.

One of the keys to achieving an Asian inspired space is to tap into the colors that really reflect the culture.
Earth tones mixed with bright, rich colors are the way to an Asian styled room. But be careful when deciding on what color palette to chose from.

Japanese inspired rooms focus on browns, tans and greens, Chinese inspired use reds, yellows and blacks while Indian inspired has the bright blues, oranges and reds. Mixing all colors together may cause some mayhem in your space. Pick a color scheme and stick to it.

color asia

For walls stick to the neutrals. Bold colors like reds, golds, oranges and blues are better off used as accent colors. These can be used in textiles (bedding, curtains, pillows, rugs) or in decor. Patterns and oriental designs are suggested when picking fabrics and decor. Vases are a great way to incorporate the bold colors and patterns into your room.

To set the mood, tea lights, and lanterns will help. In the Asian countries big overhead lights aren’t used. Paper or silk shades will help set the mood of your room.

tea lights

Bamboo is something that can connect your room together. It can be used in many ways like in furniture, plants and in decor. Another popular thing is Shoji screens. They help divide a room (excellent for studios!!) or can be used as wall decor. If you are feeling creative you can DIY and make your own screens with hand painted oriental images.

shoji screen

When picking out furniture for you room, try to find pieces that are clean, straight lines. Also, low to the ground. If designing your dinning room with an Asian inspired feel then try to find a low table and use cushions for chairs. This will really embody the culture. It is also suggested to pick dark furniture and dark wooden or tiled floors. Carpet don’t really go with the decor but oriental rugs are okay.

dinning room

And finally, don’t over clutter. Doing too much will take away and ultimately defeat the purpose of having an Asian inspired space.

Enjoy and good luck!