The New New on Wallpaper: Wall Redesign

Every decor gal loves a good wallpaper design. Wallpaper use to be the big thing in the 70s and then again in the 90s. Just like every other trend, the fad of wallpaper covering is resurfacing again. (Side note, remember the days when our mothers and grandma’s had that ……tacky wallpaper that wrapped around the top of the walls? Thank God those days are gone!) This time around it’s back but in a more chic and glam way! Wallpaper is so hot right now that I had to feature this fashionable, innovative wall covering company.

Welcome Wall Redesign!


Wall Redesign is literally that. A way to redesign your walls over and, over again. If you’re the type who can’t sit still for more than 6 months, this is the perfect paper for you. From place to place you will be able to take your paper with you and REUSE it. Yes, I said reuse. Isn’t that just amazing?! The bonus, you’ll never have to try scrapping the left over wallpaper that you couldn’t remove before moving again!

Kaann Howden, a creative mother of one lovely little decor gal, created Wall Redesign as a way to merge her love for fashion with her passion for interior decor. Trend forecasting must have been her forte because she was right on spot with this wall covering genius-ness !

Now let’s get down to the biz..


Who is Kaann Howden?

I am a creative mother of a four year old girl.  Lover of fashion and interior design, and prints are my passion!

How did you transition from the fashion industry to interior design industry?

To me fashion and interior design/decorating go hand on hand. It was an easy transition.  I’ve worked with a women’s apparel company for a couple of years before realizing I was becoming enamored with interior design.

What is Wall Redesign?

It’s self-adhesive, removable, re-usable wallpaper!

Why did you choose self-adhesive wallpaper?

Designing wallpaper happened haphazardly.  I moved in to my first apartment, and wanted to decorate my daughter’s room, but since I was renting I could only do so much.  I’ve always loved wallpaper, but hated the thought of applying it, and even worse removing it.   I had a problem and I wanted a solution.  So, I did my research, tested it out, did some more research and tested some more before I found the perfect solution to my problem, and from that Wall ReDesign was born!

Is it durable/easy to maintain?

Yes! You can gently wipe your wallpaper with a damp or dry cloth. Each roll is coated with a protective laminated spray which protects the ink from moisture and fading.

What material is used?

Wall ReDesign is made from a premium white matte coated fabric that is slightly textured. The backing is made with a low tack adhesive, which allows removability from normal flat surfaces. The material does not require any additional paste, glue or adhesive!

How can it be reused?

Absolutely!  That’s the best part.  The running joke in my house is when I am ready to move the walls are coming with me!

What is your motivation behind the design/company?

I love designing and I love making things easier. If I had this problem, I know others had the same problem.

Some of your designs are very trendy, how do you keep up with the trends?

I attend home, interior design, and fashion shows. As well, I am always online looking for what’s hot from fashion and design bloggers like Oh My Decor!

Your collection has a lot of neutrals; do you think you will be adding any other colors?

Yes, we are always updating our color ways.  Currently, we are playing around with gilded prints and metallic! Stay tuned!!

The colors in your designs can be customized for the client, what about the prints?

Both the colors and the prints can be customized. If anyone has a design in mind they can contact us and we can create a custom design. We love taking our ideas and making them a reality.

What is your personal home decorating style?

A mixture of contemporary and modern…more contemporary

If you could wallpaper anyone in the worlds home, who’s would it be?

That’s a hard one; there are so many people who come to mind…. But I would love to do a custom design for both Sasha and Maliah Obama.  They are both entering their teenage years and what better time to spruce up their walls. I would probably use the Groovy pattern for Sasha, and the Reign pattern for Maliah!

How can we see more from Wall Redesign?

We are on Facebook  and you can soon start following us on Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter. Also, visit

Intricate Squared


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