The Things You Can Do With..

Spray paint, a DIYer’s best friend and it could be yours as well!

spray paint

Spray paint can make any blah household item into something that looks brand new. A new coat of paint on a previously owned piece of furniture can make it the new focal point in your space.

Dining room Table with mismatched chairsAll Things Thrifty


Instead of getting rid of that old bookcase that no longer matches your decor, just change the color. Or even better, paint the inside of the bookcase a nice, bright color that will give you just the right amount of pop you need.

Several light coats of yellow spray paint billy2

Wanting to create a gallery wall? Go on a treasure hunt to different thrift stores and garage sales and buy all types of different frames; from big, small, traditional, to modern. Then spray paint them the one color. It’ll make your gallery wall eclectic but very cohesive.


Spray paint is an item that can transform literally anything. It is a very inexpensive way to help transform your home. So before you throw away that old household item you no longer think serves you purpose, reconsider and see what some spray paint might do for you. It might save you a few hundred dollars!

What are your spray painting #ThursdaysTipsandTricks ? I’d love to know in the comments below!


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