Calling All Mama’s! Tips On Decorating Your Nursery

We may be a few months or so away from baby season but what better time to get prepared. Todays tips and tricks is about creating the perfect nursery for your bundle of joy! Plus, with valentine’s day around the corner love is definitely in the air and I absolutely love all things baby related (minus the poopy diapers).

I could only imagine the things running through your head as you get prepared to bring a new life into your world. 9 months seems long but with a blink of the eye the big day will be right around the corner, so don’t leave the biggest thing on your list for last. Let’s get started!

The first thing to do in creating the perfect baby room is finding inspiration. Get on Pinterest, Instagram, look through magazine and find what inspires you. Find images, fabric samples, toys, art work, whatever you can that will help you develop a theme. Based off of your inspirational item, pull colors from that to create your color scheme.

If this was your inspiration (above) you could pull colors from this to create a color scheme (below)


Create a focal point so that when you walk into the room it automatically draws your eye. Majority of the time the focal point is the wall which the crib is on. I suggest putting the crib away from the window. Once your baby is able to stand on its own they will start pulling on your drapery and we do not want that.


This wall can be wallpapered or painted a different color from the others to create the desired focal point. I’ve seen some people create beautiful murals as their focal point – the decision is completely up to you.




The next step is buying furniture. I would suggest buying the crib first and working around that. You don’t necessarily have to go to baby stores to find your furniture for the room. There are plenty of thrift stores that have cute vintages pieces you could DIY; also very affordable! One very important piece you should include in your nursery is a (comfy) rocking chair. Another important piece is the change table that I would suggest keeping away from vents and windows; you don’t want your baby catching a draft.


When picking out furniture make sure you buy pieces that have a lot of storage – the more the better. Keeping an organized space and knowing exactly where everything is will be the best feeling ever when your world gets turned upside down with feedings, diaper changes, doctors appointments and all that other stuff that comes with being a mommy. Instead of buying the standard change table, considering buying a low dresser so that you can store diapers, wipes, changing pads and everything else close by.


Make the room personable and intriguing to your little one by including art work and family photos. Keep your baby occupied while changing them by creating a mini gallery wall above the change table.



In regards to decor pieces for around the room make sure they flow with the theme you’ve created. Match the colors, pick out similar images and motifs and use them around the room.

This room should reflect the rest of your house. Just because it is a babies room doesn’t mean it has to be Barbie or Thomas the Train themed; leave that until they are old enough to understand. You will be spending just as much time in this space as your new baby so why wouldn’t you decorate to reflect your style. Make this space as comfortable as possible!



And that’s it! It may seem like a lot to take in but it’s really simple. Creating beautiful baby spaces is probably the most fun interior to design. Always remember to have fun and let the space reflect your style just as much as you want it to reflect your baby’s.


2 thoughts on “Calling All Mama’s! Tips On Decorating Your Nursery

  1. Gaaah! This post came at the perfect time. I’m expecting my first child in May and have been scouring the web for inspiration for my nursery. These are super cute! Unfortunately, the room I’m going to use as a nursery will be occupied when the baby is due, so for the first few months, or however long our house guest stays (:/), the baby will stay my room. I’ll have to decorate the nursery after, not before like I had always expected. But I guess that gives me that much more time to think about what kind of theme I want, since I don’t know right now 🙂 Wow.. I didn’t mean to go on so long lol. Great post! I want them all! ❤

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