The Louis Ghost Chair ..And Other Fabulous Acrylic Furniture

There’s been a lot of people posting interiors with acrylic furniture on my Instagram recently, making this my definite #WednesdaysMustHaves of the week!
These trendy see-through pieces have a few different names they go by. Some call them acrylic furniture, others say lucite. And if you ever see one of these chairs below, you will probably hear the term ‘Ghost chair’. Nonetheless, it’s something that I’ve been dying to incorporate in my own place.
Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 3.51.36 PM(Louis Ghost Chair from DWR
I’ve briefly blogged about them before in my post on ‘How To Style Small Spaces’. It’s a great way to make a tiny room appear visually lighter. You might ask why considering furniture is furniture and will take up space no matter what but the ability to see through it makes the illusion of a more spacious place. The same rules apply with using a lighter color scheme, it helps “enlarge” the room.
Here are some of my favorite interiors that incorporate the acrylic furniture:
lucite-furniture 01-hbx-acrylic-coffee-table-whittaker-0713-lgnPhoto Credit: ( )
ae3485338f53 dining
If you love the look, here are some places you can buy similar pieces: – Louis Ghost Chair $410 – There is a variety of different acrylic pieces – Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table $299 – Tobia Chair $99 – Adair Acrylic Coffee Table $370
Do you agree that using acrylic furniture creates the illusion of a bigger space? Or do you think it looks cheap? Let me know in the comments below!
– A.

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