Interior Design Show – Toronto, Canada

This past Sunday I attended IDS ’14 held in Toronto, Canada. For those of you who don’t know what IDS is, it is the Interior Design Show held every year in Toronto. This was IDS’ 16th year holding this exhibit. A bunch, and I mean a bunch, of vendors come out to showcase their new products and industry trends. Everyone from big companies like Ikea, Urban Barn and Knolls to small independent vendors.


There were a few booths that really stood out to me that went above and beyond. Miel had an amazing interactive tour showcasing their new kitchen appliences. Each room was based around a different sense (touch, smell, taste, hear, see). It was really cool and well executed.  To make it even better they were giving out food samples and free coffee!

photo 1-11

Ikea had a beautiful display, nothing too innovative like Miel though.

IMG_3674 IMG_3675 IMG_3676

Urban Barn had a great colorful display as well as a giveaway for a $1000 shopping spree.

photo 4-7 photo 1-9 photo 2-9

Andrew Richards Designs is an outdoor furniture company. My favorite pieces that were showcased were the leather outdoor sofas. Definitely brings the modern, high-end quality outdoors. Not to mention their display was well decorated.

photo 1-8

Korhani Home by far was the most entertaining. They put together a walk through gallery where they turned their rugs into high fashion dresses. They took us through different decades and countries showcasing different designs. Did I mention that the mannequins told us a story? How awesome is that! *Video posted on instagram @ohmydecor*. Then at the end of the tour they had a pop up shop where they allowed you to purchase rugs at discount on the spot.

And finally, Sarah Richardson had a booth for her new fabric line ‘Sarah Richardson for Kravet. Her booth reminded me of a beach house – light and airy. The best part was that she was there!!! I got to talk to her for a brief moment and she gave me some good, quick advice that I will remember forever. She has plenty of new things coming up which I look forward to blogging about for you.

photo 3-7 photo 1-12

All in all IDS ’14 was very busy and maybe a little overwhelming as there were so many different things to try to take in. My advice for anyone going next year is arrive early, wear comfortable shoes and make sure you bring a bag (for all the samples you will collect).

Check out all the pictures I took below. If you attended IDS ’14 let me know your experience/fave booth below in the comment box. Also tag #ohmydecor on your Instagram photos from the exhibit.

– A.

photo 3-11 photo 3-8 photo 2-10 photo 2-8 photo 1-7 photo 2-7 photo 3-5 photo 4-5IMG_3677 IMG_3669

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