Quote of the Day..

Today’s #qotd is about choosing the less crowded group… and Beyonce! qotd mark twain


Excellence is rare. I was told the other day that majority of people are average. Why? Because no one wants to do more than they have to. No one wants to go above and beyond. There is nothing wrong with being average – it’s the norm. This person continued on to say that he suggests to strive for extraordinary because when you’re great there is less competition. And it is so true! Think about Beyonce, she is every girl’s dream – we all wish we could be her. But who does she really have to compete with? There is very few people who are on her level and in turn, most times she is in competition with herself. She is always trying to be a better Beyonce, not better than say Rihanna.

In conclusion, dream more. Accomplish more. Strive for greatness. It’s less crowded at the top. Then maybe we can all be Beyonce. *keeps dreaming* 

– A 

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