New To The Blog… #WednesdaysMustHaves

On Wednesday’s I will be featuring trendy, must have items that will help get you the inspired look. I’ll incorporate both high-end and low-end pieces to match everyone’s budget.

This weeks trendy must have item is the steamer trunk. The steamer trunk has been around for such a long time. Most of us know them as treasure chests from all those pirate movies. Well these ancient finds are great for any type of interior space. They have become so trendy that you can find a multitude of styles that will match any decor. Steamer trunks aren’t only great as decor pieces, they’re also really good for storage. They can even be used for coffee tables and what not. If these aren’t multifunctional then I don’t know what is.



I found a cute silver set from Wal-Mart for $129.99

20140122-115304.jpg has a ton of antique steamer trunks. My personal fave is this blue, 18″ doll trunk. Great to use on desks and in small places.

And finally on there were so many different options to pick from. My favorite is the faux leather one for $180.


Which is your favorite? How would you incorporate this into your decor? Let me know in the comments!


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